Meet our new Physiotherapist

We are excited to announce our newest Physiotherapist to Jockvale! Anil Rao, PT has been practicing since 2018 and will be offering clinical hours on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings.

Anil is a Registered Physiotherapist in good standing with the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario with extensive experience in complex orthopedic rehabilitation in clinic, hospital and community settings. An early interest in fitness and health led him to focus his studies in the field of Physiotherapy. 

Anil graduated from Maharashtra University of Health Sciences India in 2005 with a Degree in Physiotherapy. After graduation, he worked in different hospitals, clinics, nursing homes for 10 years before moving to Canada.

He has extensive experience in Neurology, Orthopedics, Cardio-Respiratory, Post-surgical Rehab, Sports Injury, Pediatrics, Geriatrics Rehabilitation. After obtaining License to Practice in Ontario since March 2018 he continues to work in Clinic and Community settings with all age groups. 

He believes in treating the root cause of any injury which gives long-lasting results. Passionate about physical fitness and education, Anil’s treatment philosophy involves teaching his patients about their conditions, preparing individualized/ one-on-one treatment strategies and provide education to avoid re injury. 

His treatment plan includes Exercise prescription, Soft tissue/Joint Mobilization techniques, Manual therapy(Mulligan/McKenzie techniques), Acupuncture, Ergonomic advice, Posture correction, Thermal modalities etc. for achieving the client’s goals. He truly enjoys connecting with his patients, helping them to recover from injury and get back to the activities they enjoy. Outside the clinic, he enjoys his time being active with his family by Biking, Hiking and playing Badminton.