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What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy views the person in a holistic way and recognizes that the wellness of each part of a person affects the whole person.  Likewise, the wellness of the whole person affects each part.

Manual Osteopathic practitioners understand that by improving imbalances in the body, we can assist the body to restore itself and improve resistance to disease causing influences.

Using hands on manipulative therapy, your Manual Osteopathic treatment restores the balance of soft tissues like muscles, organs and nerves. The treatment plan also aims to return dysfunctional joints to better alignment. The emphasis is on the structural relationships and the interaction of tissues. The goal is a return to better function, mobility, strength and better wellbeing.

What is a Manual Osteopathic Practitioner?

A Manual Osteopathic Practitioner is a professional health care provider with 4 years of osteopathic education, which includes 4200 hours of total education. Each graduate has 1000 hours of practical hands on training in a dedicated clinical environment, which is supervised by experienced professional Osteopathic Manual Practitioners.

To assess a client, they integrate their knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pathology and physical movement. As well, they will consider subjective emotional and mental aspects of the patient. Manual Osteopathic practitioners use gentle techniques to assist a client in reducing pain, improving function and restoring balance in the body. In this way they can help clients manage long standing problems and return to better function in day to day activities.

Who would benefit from Manual Osteopathy?

Manual Osteopathy can support the health of clients of all ages. It is gentle enough for infants, seniors and everyone in between.  Whether you are restoring balance after an injury or coping with pain from day to day activities, Manual Osteopathy can be beneficial.

Often after an injury we learn to adapt to the dysfunction that’s developed, without being fully aware of the changes that have happened to our body. This adapted movement can lead to further dysfunction as well as introduce changes in structure and imbalance. Chronic conditions and pain can develop which take longer to heal. Manual Osteopathic practitioners will aim to assist in improving the function and restoring structure back to a better overall state.

What to Expect from a Session

Your sessions will be one on one with your Manual Osteopath. You will be treated while you are fully dressed: light attire is recommended. During your session you will be assessed for movement, function and alignment. Evaluation of any dysfunctions using observation and gentle palpation are all part of the session. You may be provided with exercises or hydrotherapy to help maintain your best state of wellness and balance.

Osteopaths have 4 fundamental principles that guide them in their day to day practice.

Principles of Osteopathy


All cells, tissues and organs work in association with the mind and emotions and all parts interact with each other. Any abnormal structural changes or disturbances in function of joints, organs and muscles can affect the entire body and can be a precursor to dysfunction and disease.


The body is continuously striving to heal itself like working to renew aging cells and attack harmful bacteria. Its self-healing system closes wounds and repairs damage to bones, joints and ligaments. Osteopathy simply supports this natural drive towards healing.



So that normal structure and tone in tissues are both necessary to ensure optimum functioning. Any abnormal structural changes can lead to deterioration in function and in the long term produce signs of disease.


Osteopathic treatment aims to recognize the relationships between structures with the goal of normalizing these structures, so that a normal functioning body can be reestablished. These aims include restoring free mobility of joints and surrounding tissues, creating balance in the body systems involved in rest and digestion, resolving organ dysfunctions and bringing about deeper breathing and relaxation.

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