Meet our new therapist!

We are excited to announce our newest therapist to Jockvale! Andre Nicholls, RMT has been practicing since 2016 and will be offering clinical hours on Saturdays.

Originally from Niagara Falls, Andre moved to Ottawa to pursue his education and career in massage therapy. He has been practicing since 2018.

Andre is familiar with a number of techniques but chooses to focus more on Swedish styles of treatment while still incorporating the proper techniques to treat a variety of conditions and impairments. He has experience working with athletes for sports massage as well as having a profound effect on clients who are experiencing chronic pain. With his treatments, he brings a strong level of compassion and respect for his patients and aims to improve the quality of everyday life for those who seek treatment for pain and stress.

When Andre is not working he enjoys playing video games and working out. He is always looking for new ways to challenge himself both mentally and physically. In his spare time, he also tries to look for new ways to expand his mind with new research studies and broaden the horizons of his life.